Getting things done in time sounds like a far-fetched dream for many. From school students to adults who handle work, study, and life, making things work by managing their schedule needs to be discussed and incorporated into our lives. As years pass, chores and activities to keep our lifestyle intact will increase multiple folds. Having study plans integrated into this hustle would be a herculean task. However, if you have someone like a One-on-One tutor to help you manage your study time, then things can become less hectic for you. This post tries to articulate what it means to manage your time and a few pointers about time management techniques for better productivity that many have pondered about.

Time Management Techniques And Its Perks

Time management, quite simply put, is the ability to manage and organize a given time span to get our objectives completed. Research suggests that it is not the planning that gets us going with completing tasks but the feeling that we have control over our time that does the job. Once the feeling of control sets in, we tend to relax and stay away from any unwarranted stress.

A significant chunk of a student’s daily life is taken up by classes, tuitions and assignments. If you are a library aficionado, then your schedule gets murkier and even invites frequent panic- stricken deadlines. Trying hard to control outdoor activities or to avoid socializing can cost our mental well being. That being said, any or every activity can be attended to and cherished to a certain degree, along with academic excellence if we plan things in advance.

Our personal relationships, fitness regimes, and family define our dynamics of living. A year or less of cluttered planning can impair our understanding of how our careers work or even affect our productivity. You do not want to ever find yourself in a desperate situation like studying or revision at a wedding so that you can just scrape through a deadline or exam. The bigger our dreams are, the smarter should our planning be.

Pointers To Make Smart Plans

1. Understanding School Schedule In Detail – The day you start with a new course or
class, walk up to your instructor with prior notice. Ask him or her about the possible duration of all long and short assignments that you are to come across. The curriculum
should give you a headstart in understanding time management techniques or in giving you a slight clue of the energy that you might need in this term.

To get your exam dates or assignment deadlines in advance would give you much- needed insight into how much of your day you could spare for non-academic activity. You can also avoid stress while you are out on a short holiday by pinning a short timetable at your desk or wherever your eyes would expect a list.

2. Make A Simple Calendar As A Reminder – A simple calendar app or any app that fits
your interest should help you draft all those important dates that define your performance in the course. It does not need to be final. Any revision to these dates means that you are paying attention to these details. Procrastination is sometimes unavoidable.

By following the chart, at least halfway through, we tend to make a routine out of things.
You would also be surprised to find your calendar helping you plan individual events of
the day. Better to have some idea of what the future holds than walking blankly into the

3. Breaking Up Each Assignment – You can do this by prioritizing your assignments
according to their immediate urgency. A lesson or short assignment that is due this week
could become your top priority. If time is generous, but you have a heap of assignments
to attend to, then classifying them according to their difficulty would do you wonders. By
doing so, it would give you ample time to set your mind in doing things faster. You would
not want to give up when you pick a difficult topic first.

Splitting each assignment into various tasks is another way to go about. From research
to revision, every section could be completed with minimal and manageable tasks like
browsing, writing, rechecking, and a final read-through to avoid any blunders.

4. Practical Planning – Let’s face it, but most of us tend to overestimate our productivity in getting things done. It will do you great wonders if you understand your strengths and
weaknesses while getting assignments done. It gets easier when you identify the length of time spent in a stretch at your desk. This way, you will understand your own nuances and help you plan better.

5. Managing Distractions – Getting easily distracted and drifting away from the task at hand sounds like a common evil. Nothing can undermine your efforts like distractions. A significant productive 30 minutes session can be nullified by picking up your phone and getting carried away for another hour.

To keep a check on such disorganization, identify a quiet place in your house. Keep phone notifications at the bare minimum to avoid social media from breaking your attention streak.

6. Multitasking And Its Perils – There has been enough evidence to show that our productivity suffers when we handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The temptation could
prove to be perilous in the long run and even result in complete mismanagement. Handling one task at a time has its own perks. Our mindset initiates a workflow that can
possibly bring the best out of us.

Once you figure out what your plan looks like, get started to know what completing the
first few objectives feels like during time management techniques. Rewarding yourself for the little things is the biggest prize your busy mind could feel better with. We function better if we unwind with a movie or a short game of football. Nevertheless, finding time in between your hefty schedule and feeling good about it depends on your own robust time table.

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