The current pandemic has forced people to study and work from home. Online exams are also held by most of the universities to complete the semester. This has become a headache for parents who are working at home. They have to monitor their kids and also do their jobs. Kids are also new to all this so they need continuous help to complete their deadlines. It means that parents have to help them in their studies and also monitor their progress as to how they are doing in their studies. This sounds easy but it’s sure not. So, a smart solution is needed where parents can easily track the progress of their kids and see they are fulfilling all those semester projects and assignments. The smart solution that we are discussing today is OgyMogy, a screen recording app. It is the best helping hand for parents. It can monitor the progress of kids and can notify them about their social media activities. It has a different set of interesting features that can be used for checking the progress of kids and they are discussed as follow:

Recording The Screen

With the work on hand, parents cannot spend time with their kids. They are busy doing their work from home while kids are taking online lectures so they need a separate space to focus on studies. Parents cannot ensure whether their kids are studying or not. Parents’ teachers’ meetings have also come to halt as teachers already have a load of things to prepare for online lectures.

What can parents do in this situation? And how parents can track the progress of their kids? Well, a smart solution is getting the OgyMogy application. This piece of software is the best home remedy for parents who want to track the progress of their kids.

The screen recorder app is one of the best features of the OgyMogy as it lets you record the screen of any device, whether it be a tablet, android, windows, or mac. What it does is that it screenshots the monitor screen of kids after every second and then makes a small video of all these screenshots and then emails you the video.

The video can tell what your kid has been up to and whether he took all the lectures and completed all the assignments. Screen recording app is also done in another way where remote camera access is provided to parents. They can know that their kids were taking all lectures. So, screen recording is the first smart solution provided by Ogymogy.

Monitoring The Skype

The current pandemic has increased the market price of software like Zoom, Skype, Team, and so on. This is all because all meetings and lectures are being held online by using them. So, if parents are curious about the progress of their kids, they can monitor all these accounts by using OgyMogy, a screen recording app.

This can be done by just installing the application on the device of the kids and then you have full control over the device. You can then easily access all deadlines of assignments and can also check their progress by going through their study folders. So, this application lets you in on pc of kids and provides you the remote access which is the best option for the current situation.

Scrolling The Social Media Accounts

Your kid is in the next room studying but you are curious whether he is studying or not? Your kid is taking online lectures but is also online on his Facebook and Instagram and you want to confront your kids but got no evidence? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as OgyMogy can become your partner in collecting the evidence against your kid. It sounds scary but kids need to be monitored while studying.

So what it does is that it lets you scroll through their social media accounts to see whether they were online during lectures or not. It also tells you about how much time did they spend on such platforms while they were supposed to study. So no shame in monitoring the progress of kids by going through their pc as you are never going to get caught because Ogymogy is the smartest solution in the town.


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