What is Modern Teaching?


As much as we all enjoy the good old days of sitting in the back of a classroom passively listening to a lecture, that style of teaching is no more. Educators have been researching new ways to provide an engaging learning environment for more than 20 years. The modern teaching method allows students to be active learners and benefit from different methods of knowledge acquisition.


One of the most well-known methods is the use of modern software such as PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, and Excel. These programs are easily used by most high school and college students and allow them to enhance their critical thinking skills through creating multimedia presentations.


Reasons to Introduce Modern Teaching Method


1. The Internet


Students are going to be accessing information online at a much faster rate than their teachers will be able to impart in a classroom. It is a fact that Google is more widely used than any other search engine, and that most students will be using the internet to access information to help with classwork. Teaching techniques must ensure that students are not only using the internet for research but also sharing knowledge via blogs and wikis. Students have more access to information, not just from the internet, but from their cell phones, home computers, and even through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They can type or tap into their phones or laptops what they are thinking, feeling, or experiencing at specific moments of the day in real-time. This is an amazing tool for teachers to use when analyzing the different needs of each student, and it is also very interesting in learning how different students feel throughout the day.


2. Social Networking


Over 80% of today’s population has a Facebook account, which means that students will be using it as a tool to communicate with each other and their family members. Teaching techniques must make sure that they are on Facebook and that they are friends with their students so they can monitor what information is being shared by their young learners. Face-to-face contact is great, but a phone call or email can be misunderstood in ways that text messaging cannot. Social networking is beneficial because it allows students to express themselves openly about their lives and interests. They can learn about other students in a way that does not feel invasive or overwhelming. Facilitating a group chat can be an effective way for teachers to further engage their students in the classroom, especially if they are part of a language learning club or a team.


3. Video Training


Video training is another useful tool that educators can use in the classroom today. The recent popularity of YouTube has meant that people are watching more videos at home than ever before and it also means that they want to watch videos inside class time with their classmates as well. The modern teaching method must make sure that the students are learning creative and engaging ways of watching visual media. This can be achieved by having students share videos through an assignment or even after the fact to discuss how they were made.


4. Web 2.0


Problem-solving and group work are very important in today’s classroom. Web 2.0 helps to facilitate these skill sets by allowing students to explore new topics in a group setting while they are still in the classroom or even when they are at home on their laptops. Online collaboration is a great way for students to develop effective communication skills and learn how to work with individuals who have different ideas and opinions. Web 2.0 tools such as google docs, bookmarks, discussion boards, blogs, wikis, Facebook pages, and Twitter provide students with more opportunities for collaboration than ever before without having to be out of the classroom learning environment. Teachers can create their own Web 2.0 strategy if they do not have school support.


5. Personal Reflection


Personal reflection is part of the growing trend of self-directed learning. The modern teaching method allows students to reflect on their lives and make connections with what they are learning in the classroom environment. Students need to learn how to take ownership of their academic performance, as this will only improve their performance as individuals during the remainder of their lives. Personal reflection can also be used as a way for students to process subjects that may not be appealing or relevant, such as physics or biology. They can make sure that information sticks in their minds by relating it to themselves or something that happened in their pasts.


Why is modern teaching the need of the hour?


The realization that the methods of teaching techniques are changing is very much evident when you look at the number of resources available on the Internet to help teachers with their lesson plans. Several websites provide seminars, lessons, articles, and other materials to help teachers set up a good curriculum. Though the Internet provides an excellent platform for accessing vast amounts of information, there is no substitute for experience and expertise. Therefore, teachers should not shy away from experimenting with new techniques which will have a positive impact on both the learners as well as themselves. New emerging techniques which seek to enhance modern teaching in schools include:


1. Multimedia Presentations


With the advancement of the Internet, video, and social networking, new ways of presenting information have been suggested and implemented in schools. The newly made multimedia presentations are giving way to an interactive learning environment. In these presentations, teachers can involve students using a touch screen or clicker-like devices to click on different buttons and indicate their responses. These activities allow students to learn how to use various applications on their computers, thereby enhancing their creativity and independence. Students can also be involved in this process by completing puzzles related to the class lessons.


2. Simulations


Simulations are an important part of learning and preparing for a particular profession. In the current times, models and simulations can be used to teach students about several subjects such as traffic, social problems, population growth, etc. Technology has made it possible for teachers to simulate real-life situations in a virtual environment. This helps students to prepare and be better prepared for specific scenarios that they might encounter in the future. This is also great because it helps students to get better acquainted with the devices used in different professions. For example, if you want your students to learn about how engineers work, you can set them up with a microchip set or a simulation device.


3. Group Activities


Group activities are a great way of incorporating different learning styles. By having students make decisions based on their answers, they develop a sense of independence and teamwork. These activities also help teachers to make connections with each learner and assess them as well in a more organic manner. Activities like these also promote team building and help to foster better class relationships as well.


4. Propaganda Presentations


Propaganda is an effective way for the modern teaching method to present information in the classroom. It is especially important when students are writing exams because this might result in very biased opinions, but it can also be used as a modeling opportunity for students who want to enter politics when they grow up. A great way to portray propaganda is by making use of pictures, charts, videos, and graphs. The use of multimedia presentations has made it so that teachers do not have to worry about omitting any crucial information as well as connecting points with other students.


5. Live Webinars


Live webinars are a great way for teachers to connect with their students digitally and teach them face-to-face for a certain subject or issue of the day. Teachers can also create a panel discussion and allow the classroom to participate in it by having them ask questions. Live webinars are another great resource for teachers who want to engage in interactive learning sessions with their students in the classroom or during out-of-school hours.


Modern teaching technique is a reflection of the modern world and its needs. The old practices of teaching are slowly giving way to new forms of education which are much more effective in grooming students for a global world. Although the classroom environment has changed dramatically over the years, teachers still play an important role in educating children. They need to be aware of various pedagogical methods that can help bring out the best in their students and allow them to become responsible citizens when they grow up. Teaching is no longer restricted to simple methods such as lecturing or blackboard writing. The modern teaching method needs to be forward-thinking and keep their classes at par with the changing times.


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