Those who love math always find a way to practice more, those who do not find math
interesting always try to run away from math problems. But almost everyone wonders when they are going to use these concepts in the real world. Everybody tries to find the application of algebra while they are taught in their classes and almost everybody ends up saying “I am never going to use this in my life, why am I studying it!”

While it is certainly right to look for applications to gain a deeper understanding, it is wrong to assume that algebra has no daily life applications. We may talk in terms of a variable in
notebooks and we may not find people talking about Xs and Ys in their day-to-day life, but
people use these concepts more than we cared to imagine. For example, the daily profit and loss calculation of a shopkeeper is done using algebra. So we may not pay attention to daily applications, but algebra certainly plays a role in our daily life.

Algebra has been a unifying thread of almost all of mathematics. It is a branch of
mathematics that deals with the manipulation and solving of various symbols and letters. These letters and symbols indicate fixed quantities which are calculated using algebraic expressions and equations. Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi is known as the father of
algebra. The word algebra is derived from the name of his book, Kitab al-Jabr, where al-Jabr signifies the reunion of the broken parts. With all its concepts and applications, algebra has become a very important part of mathematics. Our lives are full of examples where we use simple algebra every day.

Let Us Look At A Few Examples To Get More Insights:

1. Early Life

It is surprising to know that at the age where we have not even started studying, we
use algebra. Children easily map the distance between them and their toys and crawl towards it accordingly. They assess the direction of the incoming object and determine the landing location of the objects. This assessment of distance, directions, and trajectories is a part of algebra. So even while we don’t know how to read or talk, we know how to use algebra.

2. Professional Advancement

Algebra is not just a field that one has to choose to pursue. It crawls its way into almost all the subjects that a person plans to choose in the college. For example, physical and chemical sciences are filled with algebraic mathematics. Art and architecture involve studying algebra to gain an understanding of ratio and proportions. Computer science is about writing codes by developing algorithms, which again is an application of algebra. Algebra is a part of mathematics which has application in all the different subjects. It strengthens one’s understanding of the subjects and helps people in mastering the skill.

3. Setting Up Routine

You will now be surprised to know how you start your day by solving algebraic
expressions and call the day complete with algebra. Every night when you go to
sleep, you set an alarm after calculating the required time for sleep. You also
calculate the time when you can leave for school or office. You then calculate your
commute time, your lectures are divided in such a way so that you can make most of
the subjects by the end of the day. These activities sound simple and routine
work, but all of them require you to use your algebraic understanding.

4. Business And Finance Management

All the businesses require management of their finance. Capitals, budgets, profits,
losses, etc. are calculated every day to analyze their daily performance. The
business makes balance sheets and performs algebraic calculations to incur all their
expenses and profits they make. They do this every day, weekly, monthly, and
yearly. Even while buying or selling stocks, companies do a lot of calculations to
know its worth and whether or not to invest the money there. Even while doing
business from other countries, people use algebra to calculate foreign exchange
rates, taxes, suits, etc.

5. Sports

Everyone says that sports and games are recreational activities that require muscle
power and the ability to have fun. Who would have thought that sports can be an
algebra application! If we observe and pay attention to the players, we can see how
they use algebra every time they play. The basketball player calculates the distance
between them and the basket before throwing and adjusts their throwing angles
accordingly. Cricketers use the same concept while they hit for boundaries. Football
players analyze the distance to calculate the angle and force required to hit the ball
to make a goal. Even athletes perform calculations to give their best performance
minimizing the time taken.


6. Cooking

Algebra is full of surprises and applications. Did you ever wonder that you are using
ratio, proportion, and scales while you cook? To make a recipe, you try to estimate
the proportion in which all the ingredients are to be mixed. You look for utensils or
pan by calculating the capacity and volume of the recipe. You look for shapes while
baking. Calculation of temperature of the oven, the setting of baking trays, mixing of
ingredients, are all everyday examples of algebra in cooking. You calculate the
number of people and then calculate the number of ingredients required. When you
consult recipe books, you increase or decrease the amount of the dish in a proportion
to the ingredients.

7. Decor And Landscaping

Whenever you go for home improvements and decor change, you always directly or
indirectly involve algebra in your design. When you change the interior decor or
design, you try to manage your house in a way where you can maximize the usable
floor area while having the total floor area constant. You also set up things in an
order where you calculate the distance between them. For example, you put a
refrigerator at a place where it is easily accessible, you install an air conditioning or
heating system in such a way that there is consistency in temperature around the
house. When you do landscaping outside your house, such as the installation of the
pool, gardening, you perform simple algebra. You calculate the area available and
then select the size of the landscaping you want. When you go for fencing the
boundaries, you calculate the perimeter of the house, price of the fencing, and then
select one out of many designs by comparing various factors.

Some Key Takeaways

While we have looked at a few examples, our lives are full of many. Be it using technology or making it to the trash can, we use algebra. We even use algebra while deciding on a health and fitness routine. We make logical decisions by analyzing various factors and weighing them against each other to conclude. Algebra is a helping guide to various subjects and is also a daily keep up of our activities. This article has explored a few of the applications of algebra and we hope you now can explore a lot many on your own.

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