The baby’s breath flower is an elegant and colorful way to transform your baby shower celebration and really make it stand out. This centerpiece decor can be made from a variety of flowers. But the most popular style is white roses, peach roses, or orange dahlias – all of which have a delicate light fragrance. Baby’s breath flower also works well if you want to put any other flowering plant centerpieces in your home or event.

This design is also good for brunches where you don’t want to spend much time on set-up of centerpieces. The baby’s breath flowers can be made in any quantity necessary. And you can use this design as a base for using other floral arrangements.

Material Used to Make Baby’s Breath Flower:

All baby’s breath flowers are made from the same generic material, which is dried out baby’s breath. In fact, it’s even difficult to find clear plastic buckets or vases that will work well with the flowers. Smaller flower arrangements can be put into large decorative tins to go on a table or in the center of a room for some soft and subtle elegance. It will look like you simply picked up an assortment of small bouquets of baby’s breath for your guests to enjoy. Baby’s breath flower is a great alternative to traditional rose petals and can be used by anyone who wants to save money, have a fun time creating their own decorations, or not have to worry about the flower arrangements.

The baby’s breath flowers should be made around 2 days before the baby shower. First, take all of the original baby’s breath out of its container – this is usually done by hand. Second, dry the flowers by either placing them inside of a dryer or simply placing them around an air vent and turning the fan on to keep them from wilting. The flower petals should be completely dried out before you use them.

The baby’s breath flowers can be put together after the baby shower celebration, but it is best for you to create your decor first. The flowers can be put into small vases filled with water; this will help in keeping the flower decorations alive until your actual party.


Make sure you do not add any other kind of flower to the baby’s breath, as this will stunt the growth of the flowers. You can also use baby’s breath flowers to decorate food tables; this is a great alternative if you do not want to use flowers or fresh herbs like basil. The baby’s breath flowers and other decorations that have been made in advance can be placed around once everyone arrives at your party.

Baby’s breath flowers are a great way to make sure your party is unique and something that everyone will enjoy. It is also a unique way for you to celebrate the arrival of your new little one.

The baby’s breath flowers are not only easy to make, but they are also inexpensive. For this reason, anyone can decorate their baby shower with these beautiful arrangements. The best part is that you can make these flowers just in time for the party so you don’t need to worry about getting them ready. Making your own decorations is a great way to have an original decoration while also saving money.

Choose the best baby’s breath flowers for your party and feel free to embellish your centerpieces with any other decorations. You can use fresh herbs or other fresh flowers, but you will have to make room for them in your centerpiece if you aren’t going to use baby’s breath. If you have a special theme or color scheme planned for your baby shower, try making some of the flower arrangements that go along with it.

baby's breath flower

Items Needed

White roses will contrast better with the other decorations. It is best to choose roses that are not too open. As they might have a larger stem than you would like. Also, make sure they are not like all white roses, because these won’t look very natural in your centerpiece. If you’re using orange or peach dahlia stems, it is best to select flowers that are smaller in size.

White baby’s breath (1 bunch or 1 bag) *

A bag will be easier to work with, as a bunch of baby’s breath is difficult to handle without breaking stems.

  • Baby’s Breath Flower Vase
  • Cotton Balls for Decoration

How to Make Your Baby’s Breath Centerpiece

  1. Remove the baby’s breath flowers from their container and place them inside of a brown paper bag.
  2. When the flowers are completely dried out, use a gentle plucking technique to take the baby’s breath tops off.
  3. When you have finished removing all of the baby’s breath, place it into a small vase with some water in order to keep it alive until your party.
  4. Once the flowers are ready, place them into the center of your table, where you want them to be seen by your guests.
  5. Add some decorative cotton balls to the flowers and around the vase. This will add a nice touch of elegance to your baby shower centerpiece. It will make look more like a bouquet.
  6. After all of your decorations are placed on your tables. Take pictures of them and share them with your friends or family on Facebook or Twitter. You can also print out or take pictures with a smartphone camera using the Instagram app; this is a great way to capture this unique baby shower decoration for future memories.

These are a great way to make your baby shower more unique and personalized. Take the time to make these decorations for your party. You will have a fun time decorating for your special event.


There are endless possibilities of how to decorate a baby’s breath flower. The items that you want to make your centerpiece will depend on what you want the flower decoration. For example, if you plan on putting your baby’s breath in a vase at the center of a table. Small candles will be perfect for adding some nice looks and extra light.

For this reason, it is best for you to think about how you want the flowers to look before you begin making them. After that, you can make them based off of what you want them to look like. You might decide to use white roses and baby’s breath. Or you might decide to add small orange candlesticks for a nice sweet look. You are the one who is in charge of deciding which flowers will look best for your centerpiece; just know that baby’s breath is a great way to make your flowers look like real bouquets of petals. Add some pleasant music to your party. You will have a great time celebrating the special arrival of your baby.


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