Summer, sun and hot temperatures are currently driving many to bathing lakes, swimming pools and beaches nearby. No wonder: if the temperature climbs above 30 ° C, the cool water offers a well-deserved cooling off. And despite Corona, this is not prohibited. Swimming pools and bathing lakes have already been open for weeks and scientists also believe that the high dilution of any viruses in large bodies of water, such as bathing lakes or swimming pools, does not pose a great danger and that direct transmission of the coronavirus via the water cannot be assumed. This is even more unlikely in swimming pools, as chlorine is also used to purify the water. Of course, when visiting the swimming pool or bathing lake, you should pay attention to the distance regulations and hygiene labels that are still in force , such as sneezing into the crook of your arm, frequent hand washing, etc. If you have a day at the lake or a trip to the swimming pool in the near future,

We Have Summarized The Best Beach Accessories For A Day At The Lake And Created This Beach Vacation Packing List:

A Large Bath Towel To Dry Off

Everyone knows it: There is nothing more annoying than a towel that is too small to dry off. An extra large beach towel like this one is perfect for drying off after a day at the lake after bathing. The turkish beach towels like terry cloth made of 100 percent pure ring-spun cotton is not only ultra-absorbent but also very robust and can easily be put in the washing machine and, at low temperatures, even in the dryer. That makes it one of the most useful beach accessories there is that shouldn’t be missing on any packing list for the beach. It comes in many different summer colors and can also be ordered in a useful pack of two.

Tip: Use the beach towel only to dry off and take a beach blanket with you to lie on. This offers many more advantages over the widespread method of simply using a towel as a pad. We will explain in detail which these are.

Perfect For A Day At The Lake: A Quick-Drying Beach Blanket

A beach blanket as a towel replacement for lying on the beach? You bet! This beach blanket offers many advantages over a conventional towel as a lying surface and whoever uses it once, will not want to do without it. No flying away, no sand, quick drying and finally enough space to lie down for you and your friends are just a few of the advantages of a beach blanket.

Beach Blanket

At 270 x 210 cm, the beach blanket is big enough for you and your loved ones. It can also be attached to the ground or sand with four pegs to prevent it from flying off under any circumstances. The beach blanket is made of 40D nylon 100 percent tear-resistant parachute fabric, has a waterproof coating and dries quickly. So you don’t have to lie on a damp towel for hours and there is no guarantee that sand will stick to the ceiling when you shake it out. It can be stowed in a small bag measuring 14 x 14 x 18 cm, which makes it perfect for the swimming lake and which is why it is an indispensable beach accessory that you should immediately add to your beach vacation packing list.

A Cooler Bag Is The Perfect Beach Accessory For Cold Drinks And Snacks

When the temperatures crack the 30 ° c mark, there is nothing better than enjoying a cool drink and of course the snack you brought shouldn’t get warm either. This is why a portable cool box is also on our packing list for the beach, which keeps your drinks and snacks pleasantly cool even when the outside temperature is hot at the lake.

This cooler bag with the dimensions 44.5 x 24.5 x 25 cm holds, for example, 20 liters and comes in 24 different colors. It has very thick insulation for strong cooling performance and a two-way zipper so that drinks and snacks are always at hand. Just put two to three ice packs in the bag and your drinks and snacks will stay comfortably cool for several hours even in the hottest outside temperatures.

The Bluetooth Box Provides Casual Summer Beats On The Beach

If you want to create a little atmosphere, you can bring a small Bluetooth box like this to the lake. This small Bluetooth box from JBL has it all, despite its size. An average rating of over 14,000 reviewers with an average of 5/5 stars speaks for itself. The box offers phenomenal sound and lasts up to five hours. In addition, it doesn’t matter if the Bluetooth speaker falls into the water, because it is waterproof according to IPX 7 standards. Simply pair the smartphone via Bluetooth or connect it with an AUX cable and you can start right away.

With your favorite music you relax much better on a day at the lake. But be careful: you should of course be considerate of the other bathers and both keep a little distance from the next group and keep the volume within reasonable limits. so that you don’t bother anyone with your music. When used correctly, the Bluetooth box is a useful and, above all, mood-guaranteeing beach accessory, which also has its place on our beach vacation packing list.

Bluetooth box

Guaranteed To Attract A Lot Of Attention: A Fun Air Mattress Or Swimming Island

Unicorn, pizza slice or french fries cone: there are absolutely no limits to your imagination when it comes to fun air mattresses and swimming islands. Admittedly, this is not an absolutely necessary beach accessory. However, we think it should not be missing on our packing list for the beach. Because if you don’t just want to swim in the cool water, but also want to relax a little on the water, you should definitely pack an air mattress for the day at the lake.

This unicorn air mattress with the dimensions 210 x 110 x 115 cm not only offers one or two children enough space to relax, but can even withstand one or two adults. The maximum weight is given by the manufacturer as 90 kilograms, but many reviewers report that two of you sat with much more weight on the unicorn and there were no signs of overloading. It can therefore be used extensively to relax for a day at the lake. The unicorn doesn’t quite suit your taste? No problem, in another article we will introduce you to other funniest air mattresses that you should definitely consider.

Protection For The Skin: Pack Enough Sunscreen For The Day At The Lake

Sunbathing and getting a tan is fun and also ensures a lively complexion. However, it can quickly become dangerous if you forget the sunscreen or apply it incorrectly. Applying sunscreen is a must for anyone who spends time in the sun, whether you’re lying in the pure sun or under a shady tree.

The sun’s UV rays don’t stop there either. Even clothing provides only limited protection from the sun’s UV rays (with the exception of special UV protective clothing). Water particularly reflects the sun’s rays again and it is all the more important to apply proper lotion on a day at the lake. That’s why it is an indispensable beach accessory that should definitely be packed in the beach bag and that is at the top of our packing list for the beach.

Everyone reacts differently to UV rays. Depending on the skin type, you have a different self-protection time in which your skin protects you from sunburn. Take the sun protection factor at this time and you will get a rough estimate of how long the sun cream will protect you and when you need to reapply. For example, if you have a Nordic skin type, you have about 10 minutes of self-protection and with this sun spray with SPF 20 you can stay in the sun for 200 minutes until you need to re-apply it.

sunscreen protection

A Parasol Provides Additional Protection On The Beach

In addition to sunscreen, it is always good to take other measures for additional sun protection. For example, you can decide for yourself whether you want to use the shade of a tree, set up a beach shelter or set up a sunshade with UV protection. The shade of a tree is of course the cheapest alternative. But if there is no tree nearby or all the places in the shade are already taken, a parasol with a UV protection factor is a good alternative, for example. That’s why we decided to put a parasol on our beach vacation packing list.

This parasol has a UV protection factor of 20+, a diameter of 160 cm and a total height of 195 cm and can be adjusted both in height and inclination using a rotary joint. It is easy to assemble and dismantle and, thanks to its low weight of only 1.4 kilograms, you can also take it with you for a day at the lake. It is attached by simply sticking the pointed end into the sand or the ground.

Protection From Wind And Sun At The Same Time: A Beach Shelter

Spending a full day in the blazing sun is not good for your body. Therefore, you should definitely choose half-shaded to shaded loungers to relax and regularly apply sunscreen. For these reasons, shady berths are particularly popular with all bathers and sell out quickly. In this case, it is worthwhile to use a beach shelter with UV protection, which makes a shady and at the same time windless place possible anywhere.

This beach shelter by Bfull, for example, with the dimensions 170 x 200 x 140 cm, offers space for two to four people, has UV protection of 50 and can be used either as an open berth with a roof or even as a locked tent. In addition, thanks to pop-up technology, the beach shelter can be set up very easily with just one throw and just as easily stowed back in the bag supplied.

Annoying assembly and dismantling is completely eliminated here. Four ropes and ten pegs are used for fastening, which keep the beach shelter in place even when the wind blows. So it is a real all-rounder and is perfect as a beach accessory for the day at the lake, but it is only a nice-to-have and by no means a must-have on our beach vacation packing list.


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