As we all know, the introduction of the gaming console has changed the language of gaming. From basic games to high-end virtual reality games, gaming consoles attract every kind of gamer. Video Game Console was introduced to provide a specific gaming platform to video game lovers. A game console is built with the most advanced hardware to deliver lightning- fast performance for gaming. Microsoft and Sony are the brands that had introduced these gaming consoles and manufacturing their successors as well. There is a variety of gaming consoles manufactured by these companies. That is the reason why most of the people stay confused that which one to buy. A user should purchase a console that can deliver the expected performance and fits in his budget as well. There are some characteristics of the best video game console for 2020 that makes it worth buying.

Have The Latest Video Game Console For 2020:

As I discussed earlier, Microsoft and Sony are continuously manufacturing successors of
their previous game consoles. Every successor comes with improved hardware and software that outdates the previous one. Both the brands have revealed that they are going to use AMD Radeon 7870 processor in their upcoming consoles. This processor can provide excellent graphics with an 8k resolution for the intense gaming experience. Although all the variants run on an AMD GPU that is fulfilling all the performance requirements while gaming.

Most of the consoles feature a 2mb drum for optimizing performance. It optimizes the graphics and clock speed according to the requirements of the game. Also, the latest hardware setup will provide you with HDR 10 supported resolution along with 120 frames per second (FPS). It will also consist of cooling fans that prevent your console from heating during long gameplays. I suggest you purchase a game console that has the latest hardware setup for a smooth gaming experience.

Connects Well:

The latest hardware setup is necessary but not enough for complete gameplay. Your gaming console must have all the essential connectivity ports for connecting to the internet and other accessories. Many game consoles feature Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity for accessing the internet in the console. You do not have to invest in any USB power hub after buying a game console. Gaming consoles come with two USB 3.0 Ports and HDMI ports along with Bluetooth connectivity.

However, versions of these technologies vary from model to model. Wi-Fi 6.0 and Bluetooth 5.1 are the latest versions of technologies used in game consoles. An auxiliary port is also included in these devices for connecting a motion detection digital camera. A game console built with the latest technology can provide you a stable connection for uninterrupted gaming. So, I recommend you to buy a game console with multiple connectivity options.

Gives You A Beautiful Interface:

You may be purchasing a console for gaming, but a user-friendly interface is also necessary to consider. If you buy a console with a complicated UI, you will not be capable of accessing all its features. You will stay confused at every step. For instance, Sony game consoles feature its UI codenamed as Orbis OS. It is similar to XMB with a much-needed facelift that allows you to access your saved games and trophies when you will log in to the device. Also, there are options for the app store with notifications, friend lists, chats, and many more.

I hope you understood the value of the user interface in a game console. Thus, choose a game console that has a user-friendly interface for accessing all of its features easily.

Have The Storage For Your Games:

It is quite irritating to insert discs every time for playing the game or playing a game from the initial stage. This is the reason why manufacturers have introduced game consoles with
inbuilt storage. All you have to do is to extract game files and install them in the system. You will be able to access the game without inserting the disc. Moreover, it also stores data of your saved game and allows you to play the game at the stage you left last time. Inbuilt
storage is the most essential factor to consider while purchasing a game console.

As the games consume large amount of storage, I prefer you to buy the console with maximum storage space. 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB HDD variants are available in the market to choose from.

Fits In Your Budget:

A console that fits in your budget is the only video game console that is best for you. These consoles are priced according to storage and models. If you have an unlimited budget then invest it in a console with the latest hardware and maximum storage. However, if you are going underbudget then you should purchase a game console that has satisfactory credentials. You may compromise a little with performance but it will be satisfactory according to the amount you have invested. 500 GB base variant is the best option to buy for a person who is facing a budget problem. You cannot invest whole the sum of your budget in the console only as you have to purchase game discs. So, I suggest you only buy
a console that fits in your budget.


A video game console for 2020 is a dream device of every gaming lover. There is a variety of game consoles available in the market manufactured by Sony and Microsoft. Here the question arises from all these, which gaming console is worth buying? The answer to this question is quite simple. A game console must have the latest hardware to support intense graphics with a high resolution. There should be multiple connectivity options for establishing a connection with the necessary devices and the internet.

You must search for a console that has a user-friendly interface for accessing its features at the fullest. Moreover, your game console should have inbuilt storage capacity so that you can install and save your favorite games in the system. You can purchase the console you like, but it must be in your budget. A console that fits in your budget is the only video game console that is best for you. So, at the end of the note, I suggest you purchase a best video game console for 2020 that fulfills your gaming requirements and fits in your budget as well.


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