A fast-paced lifestyle combined with an unhealthy diet leads nowhere other than unhealthy weight gain. Needless to say, unhealthy weight gain is the leading cause of many health issues like Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, and others. But the Yoga Styles help to loss weight and all these disease.

When it comes to losing those extra pounds, the objective is to consume fewer calories. It may seem a bit easier said than done as you develop a habit of consuming unhealthy calories. For this reason, either you join the gym or start a zero-carb diet which only provide a temporary solution. Yoga offers you a natural way to not just lose that extra weight but also detoxify your entire body.

With that said, there are three types of yoga styles you can practice for weight loss.

3 Yoga Styles For Weight Loss

There are specific yoga styles that work on a deeper level to help you shed extra weight. Yoga style for weight loss includes a lot of fast movements to help you burn the extra fat. Let us check out each of these.

  1. Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga has a set of 26 yoga poses that you practice in a room with temperatures touching 100 degrees. The heat generated during the practice stretches your muscles to their limit. One thing you should remember is to consume lots of water as you will be completely dehydrated at the end of every Bikram yoga class.

  1. Vinyasa Yoga

The best yoga style to practice for weight loss is Vinyasa Yoga. The vinyasa yoga for weight loss is a series of uninterrupted yoga poses that offer a good overall workout. You need to look for Vinyasa yoga classes that work more on the core muscles in your body.

The best thing about vinyasa yoga is it offers variety. The only thing you need to do is to find the right yoga instructor.

  1. Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga practices use arm balancing and core strengthening exercises. Ashtanga yoga has a specific routine and it focuses on each yoga movement, with meditation as its central idea.

However, knowing the three yoga styles would not help you lose that extra weight.


Yoga Styles Tips for Weight Loss

Given below are two helpful tips to help you make the most of your weight loss yoga practice.

  1. Have a Yoga Routine

Signing up for a yoga class that goes for an hour or more will surely help you develop muscle strength, and get used to the intense practice but you do need to develop a practice schedule. Make sure you practice the yoga style at least 3 to 5 times every week. In the long run, this helps you lose the extra weight.

  1. Work on Yourself

Every yoga style enhances your mental and physical awareness. Yoga promotes a positive body image, but it does not mean there is something wrong with your body. Being mindful with the right breathing and sensations are the two factors that play a vital role in every yoga practice.

On the contrary, you need to work on yourself every day to enhance yourself and this will leave a positive impact on the other areas in your life.



Overweight leads to many chronic health conditions like Osteoarthritis, stroke, and sleep apnea among others. Regular practice of vinyasa yoga for weight loss can help you get rid of those unhealthy pounds.


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