It’s coming up to Christmas and now it’s time to start the decorating. Here are some tips and tricks Christmas swag to help you get your home looking its very best.

After all, what’s Christmas without a swag of garlands?

Christmas decorating can be a bit daunting at first, but once you are familiar with what you have and have some helpful tips, it goes much more smoothly. If you still need help for your décor this year then try these great websites which will provide all the decorating advice and ideas that you could possibly want.

#1. Create a swag of holly and mistletoe in your doorway. Tie with ribbons.

#2. Use holly instead of pine to decorate your festive table.

#3. Wrap a garland around your Christmas tree and decorate with lights, baubles and more holly.

#4 Stand a small fir tree against the wall to create a focal point in your room.

#5 Hang tinsel on the side of the fireplace or front door to add extra sparkle and light to your holiday home.

We’ll look at three main decorative elements; swags, garlands, and wreaths, with a bonus of some seasonal table settings that will really make your guests feel special.

Get some swags and garlands first, then you can arrange them in pretty patterns and add the other elements later.


A swag is a large decorative scarf that hangs from the ceiling. A swag is one of the very first decorative items that was hung on a ceiling in Victorian times.

Swags are really easy to make and you can use them for all sorts of decorative purposes.

You can hang swags from all kinds of objects to create a different look for each room; from chains to wires, and from pom-poms to old rugs. You can use the length of the swag as a subtle lighting source, either by throwing an entire length over an object on your ceiling or by attaching the ends so they hang down in the area where you require some light but don’t want it too bright.

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Swags are Wonderfully Versatile

Swag curtains are part of a decorating tradition that originated in the Victorian era and have been popular ever since. You can usually find swag and swag curtain sets at your local craft or department store, and they are relatively easy to make yourself as well.

When you think about it, there is no end to the uses for swags; every room in your home could benefit from a decorative curtain that would allow you to add color or texture as needed.

  • Drape Swags over a Chairs Back;
  • Wrap a Swag around your Door; and
  • Decorate with a Swag on a Picnic Table.

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Swag curtains can add something special to any room, and you can use them for many different occasions. For example, you might use the curtains as part of your Thanksgiving table setting by wrapping them around the legs of one of your table chairs. Or perhaps you could create a lovely backdrop for Mother’s Day.

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home, build your own swags and curtains. For this project, you need two yards of fabric (which will give you at least three panels), and a few small but quite sturdy hangers to use as supports. Stretch the fabric out on floor and trace around the shape of the panels you’d like. Tape together all the edges, then cut it out with a pair of long-handled scissors or sheers.

Use a steam iron to smooth out any wrinkles, then hang the finished swag curtains up on your chosen supports. You could hang the swags from a decorative curtain rod, or you could use some large dowels or broom handles if you want to drape them over the back of a large chest of drawers or other large piece of furniture.

Garlands Are Gorgeous, and Easy to Make

Next up on our list of decorative elements to add to your home for the Christmas season are garlands. Garlands offer you lots of creative options when it comes to adding a festive touch or Christmas swag. There’s no shortage of ways you can use them throughout your home; for example, you could wrap them around the legs of a table, hang them from picture frames or artwork, or even drape them over your kitchen cabinet doors.

A properly designed garland can add a polished look to any room, and the use of fresh greenery makes a big difference. The smell of the fresh herbs is sure to make your entire home smell delicious and welcoming. You will have no trouble selecting just the right type of living plant for this decorative element.

Garlands also can lighten up any room in your home, especially during dark winter months. Garlands in particular are an excellent way to add color and cheer to a home or business office during cooler months. You can hang them in front of a large window, or add them to the top of a lamp or chandelier. In addition, garlands are popular for almost any special occasion, including weddings and birthdays. They make a lovely table runner, and they look wonderful when draped over candles.

Garland is also the perfect touch for any seasonal celebration where you want to add a touch of elegance to your dinner table of Christmas swag. For example, a simple garland could be draped around the porcelain table and create a beautiful setting. In addition, you can also make a garland to use as a centerpiece, or you’ll be able to place one on your dining room table.

Wreaths on Evergreen Trees

You can use wreaths to add seasonal flair to any room in your home. They are easy to make and can be upcycled into many different home decorations, both for Christmas and the rest of the year.

Wreaths can be made of a variety of materials and can be used on windows, doors, or even in a home office. You could make them using fabric, paper, or even dried plants. Wreaths are also an excellent way to add color and texture to a room; use greenery from your garden or local nursery as well as fresh greenery from your local market.

Most wreaths are designed to be hung, but you also can use them for other types of decorations as well. For example, you could use a wreath as part of your table setting for the annual holiday feast. Embellish them with pine cones and candles, and you’ll create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for Christmas decorations.


The holidays are a wonderful time of year, so take advantage of the season to add festive touches to your home. A festive Christmas is one of the best holidays of the year, and you can add holiday cheer or Christmas swag to your home each time you open the door with a unique decoration.


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