Spring is finally here. You should take this time to start growing your own garden with these helpful tips and tricks! The cookie clicker garden is an amazing thing that will teach you how to grow a variety of delicious plants, fruits, or even bugs for cooking. You can even sell them to earn more cookies! This article will teach you everything you need to know about growing your garden, including how to get seeds for all the plants, what bonuses each plant gives you, and even quick ways to earn extra cookies. The game is fairly simple, but the following guide will make it easier for you.

Types of Plants in Cookie Clicker Garden:

There are four types of plants in Cookie Clicker Garden – trees, fruits, veggies, and flowers. The layout of the interface is very similar to Cookie Clicker, except that you choose plants to grow in each row instead of building a production chain. As you unlock more and more seeds, you can start growing plants in more than one row.

On top of normal plants, there are also special ones that give you cookies based on their type. For example, if you plant an orange tree, it will give you oranges every harvest. Each harvest gives you 3 oranges. So if you can save up 6 oranges, you’ll get 18 cookies.

You can grow special rare plants by visiting friends’ gardens (more on this later) and by getting achievements in normal Cookie Clicker. These special plants generally give you more cookies than the normal ones, but they take longer to grow! For example, the rare golden raspberry takes 8 days to grow, while a regular one takes only 4 days.

Once your plants are all grown, it’s time for harvesting!

Frequently Asked Queries

How do you garden in cookie clicker?

You start off with just one patch of dirt. You need to buy seeds and space for your plants before they will grow, but it’s easy to keep track of what you need and where you need to get it.

When choosing which plants to grow, remember that the best ones give +1 cookies when harvested and tend to be rarer! Also, look out for trees, which usually have a higher yield than most other plant types.

Is the garden good in cookie clicker?

You can choose where to grow your garden on the left. Your patch of dirt is automatically placed at the top, so you don’t need to worry about moving it anywhere. You will want to put your flower pots on the bottom squares, and try to leave room for 3 rows of vegetables.

The more rows you have, the more likely you will be able to get special plants in exchange for cookies. This is also true of achievements in normal Cookie Clicker Garden, but if you want to save cookies from your garden, you will want to spend them on buying new seeds instead of achievements. Of course, if you enjoy Cookie clicker Achievements then go for it!

What are the best plants in cookie clicker?

Ranch Home Farm – Yeast

Witchcraft Secrets – Golden Apples

Lord of the Runes – Fields of Gold

Cursed Coins – Autumn Leaf

Library of Secrets – Primrose Bay

Acorn Munchies (Rare) – Acorn Harvesting is a good way to get cookies! You can get up to 5 acorns per visit. Additionally, you’re guaranteed to get a rare, golden acorn crop every time you visit.


So that’s it. You should now be a master at cookie clicker garden! Remember to plant trees, and as you unlock more and more rare seeds, save up your cookies for buying new seeds instead of achievements. Look out for rare plants, which generally give you more cookies per harvest than normal plants. Good luck growing your garden! If you want to know about the new features of Cookie Clicker Garden, check out Propisk!


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