A tea-heartedly sweet, yet visually light and airy, is the perfect and everlasting flower for your table for its long lasting qualities. These flowers never die and only require minimal care to be displayed beautifully in a vase. They may seem like they’re simple to maintain, but the process is extremely easy and requires nothing more than cold water once or twice a week. Almost of all of the flowers that have dried out can easily come back to life again with these simple steps.

Chlorophytum borbonicum is called the Everlasting Flower and it will last hundreds of years without being watered.

The following steps are all you need to maintain your flowers. The results will almost be immediate and you’ll never have to water your flowers again.

Step 1:

Remove the water from your vase by drenching it with cold water.

Step 2:

Allow the flower to dry out completely and remove any rocks or compost from around the leaves.

Step 3:

Place the dried plant and foliage into a small bag, tie it tightly to prevent air circulation, and put it in a freezer for about 2 hours.

Step 4:

Remove the bag from the freezer, open it, and your flowers should revive nicely in a short time.

Step 5:

Put the plant in a vase with cold water, but no fertilizer or rocks.

That’s it! Your plant will last for months with good care and minimal maintenance. You only have to water your plants twice a week and change the water once or twice a month. That’s it!

“The Life Everlasting Flower is a plant that can easily be given as a gift. It will last forever and is easy to care for. It’s so easy and convenient to care for that I always have fresh flowers around the house.”

“The Life Everlasting Flower is a plant that is great for drying to wreaths. I love the look of wreaths and I use all kinds of flowers in them. The Life Everlasting Flower is just so easy to work with and it looks so good in a wreath.”

“I love the Life Everlasting Flower because it looks so good in a natural arrangement. I love to work with the flowers and the plant has just come to me so naturally.”

“The Life Everlasting Flower is a great gift to give someone who loves crafts. It has many uses and it looks great when you use it in your craft projects. The best thing about this flower is that it lasts forever, which means I can always have fresh flowers around for my crafts.”

Uses of the Life Everlasting Flower:

  • The flowers can be used in crafts and dried flowers are used in wreaths.
  • The plant is used to make floral arrangements by itself.
  • The plant is edible and commonly served as tea in China.
  • They can be used to make perfumes, desserts, salads, and drinks.
  • The flowers make great decorations for weddings, anniversary parties and other events.
  • The fresh flower can be used as a garnish for drinks.

The Life Everlasting Flower is so popular because it is so easy to care for and it lasts forever. It goes great with almost any kind of decor and can be used in so many ways. The Life Everlasting Flower flowers last so long!

“I am very happy to introduce the Life Everlasting Flower. It is a plant that will last forever and is a great gift to give someone. The plant will brighten any present and make it look really good. I received this plant from Tea-Kitty, LLC and I just love it. It makes for a perfect gift for any occasion and anyone who has their own house can keep the flower in an airtight container on their windowsill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called everlasting flower?

Chlorophytum borbonicum has green, shiny leaves and the flowers are white. The flowers are produced in different colours and are commonly used in floral arrangements. The name everlasting flower is derived from the fact that the plant never dies, even after it is hung up and eventually dry. This means you can have fresh flowers around all year round. The plant is so unique because it does not require much care and will still live for a lifetime.

What are the advantages of everlasting flowers?

You can grow everlasting flowers at home, in your garden or in pots outdoors. You can keep them in your decorative vases indoors as well. The main benefit of growing these flowers is that they do not need to be taken care of at all, unlike other flowers that you have to water regularly and prune if you want the flowers to grow better.

How long does everlasting flower last?

The flowers last for the entire season. You can even keep it for another season. The life everlasting flowers can be easily dried and reused again and again to decorate your home and offices throughout the year.

How to grow everlasting flower?

These flowers can be easily grown from seeds that you will have to sow in a pot filled with rich soil mixed with peat moss or compost, some sand, a handful of bone meal, mineral phosphate and dry manure or bone meal. You can also use a peat moss medium such as Happy Frog. The life everlasting flower is a perennial plant that is suitable for planting in large containers and pots as well.

How to prune?

You need to prune them after flowering. For this, you will cut the stems to about 2 inches above ground level and remove any dead or damaged flowers. You don’t want the plant to go into shock or die while it produces new flowers again.


Caring for your flowers isn’t that hard. After all, the easiest thing to do is to use cold water once or twice a week to keep the flowers fresh. On average, you should only need about 6 hours of light per day for your flowers to bloom and bloom. * The following steps are all you need to maintain your flowers. The results will almost be immediate and you’ll never have to water your flowers again.


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