Horehound candy is a bitter, herb-flavored confection which is utilize in many traditional and home remedies. In particular, it has been traditionally used for treating acne, anxiety, arthritis and asthma.

While scientific studies have not been able to conclusively prove that this candy actually works as an active ingredient of these treatments it remains popular because of its pleasant taste. And the fact that people can make their own at home with readily available ingredients.

How to Prepare Horehound Candy?

This candy is prepare using the leaves, stems and roots of the horehound plant. The leaves and stems of the plant should be graze into small pieces and blend with sugar syrup to prepare a thick paste. This paste is then allow to cool and harden into a block which can be store for long periods of time.

Uses of Horehound Candy:

The use of horehound candy enters British medical literature in the early 1600s as a way to treat asthma. At the time the only medication that was available to treat asthma was opium. Most of the early recipes recommended using this candy in place of opium as a treatment for asthma.

By this time, horehound was becoming a popular herbal remedy used for treating many other diseases. It is also use to treat arthritis, vomiting and indigestion and even for diarrhea. In the 19th century, this candy was commonly sold in pharmacies as a treatment for many of these diseases.

Claims about Horehound Candy:

Currently there is no scientific evidence to support most of these claims. For example, there is some evidence to suggest that this candy may be effective in treating dyspepsia. But not at a level that would be considered effective and this evidence comes from one study performed over 100 years ago.

Moreover, there are no clinical studies to support the use of this candy as a treatment for asthma. While individual reports may state that it works for some patients there is no evidence to support these claims. For example, a report by Dr. Veith published in the 1930s states that this candy works best in treating asthma but this study has not been replicated by other researchers and its conclusions should be treated with caution.

Nonetheless, there have been claims that this candy does work in treating anxiety and arthritis but these claims have been refuted by studies. A report published in 1991 by the National Institutes of Health states that horehound candy is a “poor drug” for treating these conditions.

Additionally, a review published in 1989 found that horehound powder does not work as a treatment for asthma and also stated that it did not work for treating anxiety and arthritis.


There are some scientific studies performed to determine whether or not horehound candy might work as an effective treatment for acne. However, these studies have produced conflicting results. In one report published in 2006, scientists tried for 16 months to use this candy to treat acne. But found that it did not work at all. In another study published in 1999, researchers found that a combined formulation of zinc and horehound candy actually did work in treating acne.

It remains unclear as to whether these findings apply to the same formulation that is being utilize by consumers.

Many people who have tried horehound candy have stated that it works at least some of the time. There is not enough evidence to guarantee that it will work for everyone who uses it. For example, some people find that horehound candy relieves their symptoms while others do not notice any effect at all.

Effects of Horehound Candy:

The positive effects of this candy are not permanent and do not last for the entire duration of use. They often disappear after a few weeks or months and it is believe that the most effective time to use this candy is during periods when acute symptoms are present such as during an asthma attack, or after taking antibiotics or antimalarial medication.

While there are scientific studies that have looked into this candy, these studies have been done under controlled conditions. In this, the results may not apply to using horehound candy as a treatment for acne in the home. For example, many of the studies use horehound candy as a way to treat patients who are already taking antibiotics or other medications or are being treated with other treatments such as retinoids or steroids.

Eat horehound candy

Frequently Asked Questions
What does a horehound candy taste like?

Most people describe the taste of horehound candy as pungent and bitter. It is similar to liquorice but with a stronger flavour and smell.

What is horehound candy good for?

There is no evidence to support the use of horehound candy for treating any disease. Horehound candy does not have any active ingredients, other than being a confection made from the horehound plant. It is also unclear as to whether it relieves symptoms in those who use it. But there are some scientific studies that suggest that it may work in treating some types of acne and dyspepsia. So, these conditions are not necessarily the same ones that it is utilize for today.

What is the use of horehound candy?

There is no evidence that this candy uses a long-term treatment for any disease. And the health benefits of using horehound candy are not always clear. However, its use in treating symptoms such as asthma and dyspepsia was common in medical literature up until the 1930s. As with many herbal remedies, its use to treat these conditions usually involved strong doses of the herb being taken on a daily basis.

There are scientific studies that look into horehound candy is make use to treat a variety of conditions. Some studies have been done using the herb as a treatment for treating symptoms and cases where it is used are fairly anecdotal. Many of the results found in these studies do not always transfer over to how it is currently used by consumers.

To Sum Up

There is no scientific evidence that this candy is effective for treating any disease. Many people have reported that it does work for treating a wide variety of conditions such as asthma, indigestion, dyspepsia, and acne.

There is also no evidence to support the use of horehound candy as a treatment for anxiety or arthritis.

But, scientific studies that have shown that this candy does not work as a treatment for both of these conditions. It also does not work as a treatment for acne or other skin conditions.

There are some scientific research looking into horehound candy but these studies done under controlled conditions. The results may not always apply to how horehound candy is currently being used as a treatment in home by consumers.

In summary, it is difficult to make any conclusions about horehound candy’s effectiveness and safety. Because there is no slam dunk evidence to support either of these claims.


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