Cranberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are harvested mainly during the month of October and November and at this time, cranberry growers require qualified and experienced harvest hands to bring in each year’s crop. Here is some information about how do cranberries grow, what does cranberry plants look like, where do you plant cranberry vines, etc.


This fruit, a part of the berry family is not actually a true berry. It has been incorrectly classified as one because its fruit resembles that of other berries. The cranberry is typically red in color but can also be white and orange. Cranberry is high in antioxidants and also contains certain types of vitamin C which aid in the prevention of heart disease, cancer, arthritis and other diseases or illnesses that are typically caused by free radicals within our bodies. The cranberry is among an assortment of dietary antioxidants, and berry type foods that have been associated with reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. Cranberries can be eaten raw or cooked. When flavorings such as orange zest are added, they can be used as a fresh juice. All berries contain certain nutrients that are important to good health, but the cranberry is not one of them.

How Cranberries Grow

Cranberries grow very slowly and are also dormant during the winter months. In fact, they can go a year without producing any fruit. The berries grow on large vines and always face South to avoid frost damage.

There are two types of cranberries that include wild cranberry (“Vaccinium oxycoccos”) and cultivated (“V. saitanicum”). Throughout the years, domesticated cranberries have been bred with its wild counterpart for greater yields and less diseases.

Planting and Growing Cranberries

Cranberry vines grow best in moist, boggy soil. The plants need at least 72 inches of rain annually. The best areas for cranberry planting are in New England, Wisconsin and Michigan in the United States and in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Harvesting Cranberries

The fruit is harvested by hand after it has ripened during the fall months. One or two harvesters are needed at a time to harvest the berries in bulk. The harvesters use special tools and gloves to protect their hands and fingers.

The berries should be harvested when they are fully mature, but not at the point of rotting. As soon as they have been harvested, they should be placed on a tarp and winched up in the air by a machine called a “truck” to dry them out before being put into containers for shipment.


This is just some basic information about how does cranberries grow. If you are one of the many people that are looking for cranberry fruit picking jobs, you should know that most farmers and growers prefer to employ locals for harvest season. You might have better luck trying to find a job in Canada or Alaska during this time of year.


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