The modern urban lifestyle is extremely fast-paced. And that’s in a world that is fast-paced in itself. As an entrepreneur or a professional, you’ve probably been working really hard for a while now. You’ve probably invested countless hours in education and learning. You’ve also spent time in workshops, certifications, and skill enrichment exercises. You’re doing everything you can to keep your business ahead of the competition. All of that comes with the turf. But like the vast majority of people, you may have been neglecting a very important of being a working professional or entrepreneur: looking the part. 

Dressing to Impress: Part of Entrepreneur Lifestyle 

There’s an oldish saying that goes something like “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. At first glance, this may seem like your average piece of recycled internet wisdom. But it actually has a deeper meaning. Human beings rely on a mix of cues to interact with the world and the visual component is a huge part of that. The image that you present in your workplace or business has significant power. If you’re looking to climb the ladder to greater success, you just can’t afford to dress sloppy anymore. 

Replacing those old faded jeans with sharp khaki pants is more than just a wardrobe upgrade. It also signifies a change in mindset. Whether you like it or not, the clothing you wear in public has a significant impact on how you feel. If you’re wearing a pair of torn sneakers, you’ll constantly be conscious of them. Even if unconsciously, you’ll be giving off shabby and unkempt vibes. Now imagine yourself walking through the doors on Monday morning in a well-tailored suit, dress shirt, and formal shoes.

Do you see the heads turning as you make your way to your cubicle or office? That, in a nutshell, is the power of a positive image. No matter where you are on the ladder right now, presenting a well-groomed and confident image will always increase your chances of climbing higher. Here’s how:

Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free

The modern business world is built on first impressions. Just because you bought a new suit does not mean it will stay new without the right care. Clients are more likely to form a negative impression if you show up in wrinkled clothes. Or worse, in clothes with clearly missing buttons. If you’re dealing directly with your clients, make it a habit to regularly check the buttons on your clothes. Replace any missing ones promptly. Most importantly, you want to either hang or fold your clothes immediately after wearing them. Keep those white shirt and khakis looking fresh and nicely creased. 


Invest in Finding Local Tailors and Drycleaners

You may be able to handle things like hanging or folding your clothes to prolong their sharp appearance. You may even be able to sew your own buttons on. But some things may just be too far beyond your laundry skills. A coffee or ink spill on your expensive shirt, for example, can be disastrous if not handled correctly. Inexpert maintenance can often damage your clothing, sometimes irreparably.

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That is why you should look for dry cleaners, tailors, and bootblacks near your office or home. That way, you can simply drop off any dirty clothes and simply pick them up at your convenience. 

Ensure Your Nails are Clean and Trimmed

This goes without saying. But we’ll say it anyway. Your hands are a lot more visible to people than you think. We often use them during conversations to make elaborating gestures. That includes when you’re trying to deliver a killer sales pitch to a potentially lucrative client. Imagine if the client catches sight of your ragged and dirty nails. An instant turnoff, or at the very least, an impression that you could do without. Having clean and trimmed nails isn’t just a healthy habit.

It also implies you pay attention to detail. In conjunction with the rest of your immaculate outfit, think of the confidence and competence you will have on display.  

Budget for Better Shoes and Belts

The road to success is long and hard. But that is no excuse to be wearing worn-out shoes when you finally arrive at your destination. Since you only have one pair of feet, you should budget for the best shoes possible. Scuff-free, well-polished shoes are the hallmark of success. Whether you’re there or not yet doesn’t really factor in. But be sure to get the right leather belt for men as well.

The color of your shoes and belt should be as close to each other as possible, at least in a formal setting. In casual ones, you can of course let loose with a more snazzy belt, maybe even a statement-making belt buckle. But as far as playing the part of the professional or entrepreneur goes, you need to walk the line between good taste and going overboard. 


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