Many of us are unhappy with our appearance. First of all, beautiful girls are depressed by the state of the face. There are many small irregularities on the skin, it does not look fresh and healthy enough. We don’t know how to deal with minor facial problems. What to do? Cleanse your face with natural skincare products at home will help you.

However, a lot of questions immediately arise that worry many girls. How to cleanse your face the skin and not damage the tissues? What would allow us to finally look in the mirror with a pleasant feeling of satisfaction with our appearance? It doesn’t take much – clean skin. Taking care of yourself every week does not require a lot of effort.

Today it is very difficult to protect your skin from negative environmental impact. The problem of black dots is familiar to almost all of us. The same applies to the oily sheen – as a result, the general sloppy look. Clean skin has become a real luxury. We will tell you how to cleanse your face at home and without much material and time costs. Natural masks will help you with this. But first, let’s get acquainted with all the nuances. Cleansing your face at home requires a little preparation.

Why Do You Need Skin Cleansing?

The sebaceous glands of the facial skin constantly produce a special oily substance. It is this element that protects fabrics from drying out and environmental influences.

  • However, standing out to the surface, mixing with the stratum corneum, it clogs the pores.
  • Creating the effect of a sticky mask.
  • Sebum prevents tissues from breathing.
  • Normally, our skin should cleanse your face itself.


However, under the influence of various stresses, malnutrition, hormonal disruptions, and
diseases of the body, natural cleansing stops. An excessive amount of fat is produced, the cells stop renewing. As a result, clear skin of the face becomes covered with comedones, acne, and oily sheen.

What Is Important To Know Before The Procedure?

Easy cleansing in the form of milk and tonic simply cannot cope with such problems. For natural skin care products, it is necessary to decide on more radical measures. Beauty salon? Endless visits to a dermatologist? Expensive masks? Not at all! We will tell you how to properly clean your face at home.

1. Be sure to wash your hands and nails. While cleaning your face, you can bring in germs and bacteria. Everything should be practically sterile.

2. If you have wounds, cuts, and inflammations, it is better to refuse to clean the skin. There is a great risk of damaging the affected areas. In this case, before you start cleansing at home, you need to heal your skin. Various natural creams and healing masks will help you.

3. Never pop pimples and blackheads. You will introduce infection, and then any advice on how to clean your face will be useless. We’ll have to see a dermatologist.

4. Cleansing your face at home will be just as effective as in professional salons if you get serious about it. Determine your skin type. For oily, frequent cleaning is necessary, dry requires delicate care, problematic requires special precautions. For example, if you feel dry, you will need a mask after cleansing your face, which can also be prepared at home. Fatty ingredients like yogurt and oils will keep the epidermis from dehydration.

5. Before starting the process, prepare your skin. You need to clean it with scrub or milk. You should also know how to steam your face before cleansing. For this, homemade herbal solutions are suitable.

6. To clean the pores after steaming, you need to wrap your index fingers with gauze and lightly press them on the black point. Do not damage the delicate areas of your face.

7. After cleansing, the pores need to be tightened. Rub ice cubes on your face or apply a cucumber mask. Both can be prepared at home using herbs and natural products.

Best Recipes For Cleansing Masks

How to make your face clean with salt and baking soda? This classic remedy can be used no more than 1 time per week. Salt-based masks dry out the skin quite strongly. Before applying, you must clean your face from makeup, dust, and other dirt. You want healthy, clean, and fresh skin. First of all, wash with milk, gel, or lotion.

home made facial masks

Then dilute equal amounts of salt and baking soda and apply this gruel to the skin. Massage the surface of the face for 3-4 minutes. Then leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse off any remaining mask with cold water. You may experience slight tingling and itching after cleaning. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of this mask.

You have met the classic recipe for skin cleansing, which is based on the simplest and most
affordable ingredients. This mask is good and effective in its own way, but not everyone will like it. Let’s look at a few more options for popular home masks that have proven themselves in practice and have pleased many girls with their results.

Some Home Made Recipes: 

1. How to cleanse your face with a bodyag? An additional bonus of this mask is it provides an anti-aging effect. Such cleaning, however, will be traumatic for sensitive skin. If there are wounds and inflammations on the surface of the skin, stop using this remedy at home. For deep cleansing, you need bodyagi powder and a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Bring the ingredients to a mushy state, apply it in a thin layer. Rinse off with warm water after a quarter of an hour. Use creamy milk to clean the remains of the mask. It will help retain moisture in the tissues.

2. Now let’s find out how to clean your face with clay. This is one of the most delicate cleaning methods. It is suitable for all skin types and has no side effects. To clean your face, you need 15 g of any cosmetic clay. Dilute it with liquid to a thick slurry and apply it. After the clay is dry, wash it off your face with warm water. Then massage thoroughly so that no particles of the product remain in the pores.

To achieve more effect, you can scrub your skin with a scrub. Such a mask is usually kept on the face for no more than a quarter of an hour. During this time, the clay has time to absorb particles of fat and dirt. Sometimes the powder is not diluted with water, but with an infusion of herbs that soothe and refresh the epidermis.


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