How To Earn 1 Lakh Permonth Through Blooging


Earning 1 lakh per month is not too hard if you are good knowledge of Digital Marketing . Even many Blooger & Youtuber earn lot of money with help of Digital Marketing . To achieve this target we need a set a Proper Plan and good time management of our work. Now I’m Going To tell about how to earn 1 Lakh per month through Blogging.


These major point to keep your mind if u want to earn 1 lakh permonth with the help of Blogging


1:- Select Easy To Understand Domain Name

2:- Use Fastes Hosting Server

3:- Make Well Design Website

4: Informative & Uniq Content ( This most important Point Of Blooging)

5:- SEO ( Optimize ur website accourding to the search engine)


6 :- Consume Lots Of  Traffic OF Website

7:- Earning Source Of Blooging



Now I’m Give Brief all The point



If your domain name easy to understand so its help to user to understand which nich ur website so lots of chance user come in your website For example ( If website name so user mind think these website relat to the fitness blog . In This case Increase the chance of those user come on ur website who intreset on fitness. So lots of traffic come on your website.


Use Fastes Hosting Server


If  Your website loading speed slow . So there No chance to rank Your website in Google .That reason I’m suggest if you want to start ur blooging website so select fastest webhosting server.


Well Design Website

This Point to tell my favorit Mentor Respected Shahbaz Sir they give me suggestion If  Your website well design so the user are think the website are trusted. The secound point  if ur blogging website not proper design so any user they left our website.


Content is king of the blooging if u want to earn of lots of money so write information content for user. Because Google give value informative & Fresh Content. If your content Uniq and informative then Google give ranking On the number on search engine that the power of content

In The Bloogin the ranking are big matter on google . Every Blooger want To come in number one postion in SERP. Because If ur website rank no -1 on Google You Consume Lots of Traffic On our website its if lots of traffic come on website so the our earning also increase



Consume Lots Of Traffic For Our Website


If You want To earn 1 lakh rupees per month with the help of Blooging in this case Traffic is big Role play Of Your earning. Earn Your traffic with the help of Guest Post and Social Promotion. Increase Your Ranking On Google.This is last and most favorit point for me Earning source . For earn money we connect our website lots of ads and affliate website for example ( Google adsense, , Taboola, Facebook ads, Amazon Affilate , Ebay Affilate , shop clues affilate)



 This are some important tip if any blooger flow these tips they easly earn 1-2 lakh permonth. But One Thing keep on mind always give value provide quality content for ur user. Because any user come on ur blooging website they want knowledge if u provide good knowledge with the help of ur content .So You can easily earn 1 lakh to 2lakh permonth



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