The process of making jewelry has been practiced since antiquity. The earliest known examples of these pieces were found in ancient Egyptian and Sumerian ruins, often carved from bone or ivory and when found in tombs they are usually placed on the chest area for the afterlife. Much of it is for fashion, but some of it was also made by early civilizations as a form of amulet or talisman to protect them from evil spirits. This article will teach you how to identify turquoise beads for jewelry-making purposes so that you can increase your skills as a jeweler! Read on to find out more.

Turquoise Bead Identification Rules

In most cases, turquoise beads will have a number of things in common. In addition to this, there are a few other things that you can look for to identify them. Let’s look at these now.

  • Appearance – Turquoise beads often appear similar in color to the other stones that you are used to seeing in jewelry. The size and shape of these beads can often vary, but they are usually round. The color can be differentiated as well as it is usually a light blue or green. When worn in jewelry, these pieces often appear to be more of a dark blue or green. This is due to the presence of iron oxide found in the stone itself.
  • Origin – Turquoise beads also have a number of different origins. Most of them are found in India, Persia, Tibet, and the United States. In addition to this, they can also be found in Canada and Mexico. The best kind is from the American Southwest because they are most pure and flawless. A turquoise bead that has originated here will be located in New Mexico or Arizona and is usually processed into jewelry locally before making its way to a store near you!
  • Value – Any person who wants to learn how to identify turquoise beads must also know something about the value of these pieces. To put it simply, these pieces are priced differently depending on where they come from and the level of processing that has already been done to them. In addition to this, age makes a difference as well since older ones tend to lose their color over time due to exposure and oxidation.

Turquoise Beads For Jewelry Making

When you want to learn how to identify turquoise beads, you should know that they are usually used by jewelers in a number of ways. They are popularly used for jewelry making, but can also be used for other things as well. A lot of these pieces have been cut into cabochons and mounted on rings or bracelets. The history of this dates back to the ancient times when it was used as amulets or talismans against evil spirits and illness. The fact that it is still used for this purpose today shows that it still has the power to protect a person from these things and can change lifestyle.

You can also use turquoise beads when you want to learn how to identify turquoise beads in order to create your own pieces. These stones are very affordable and will give you the opportunity to practice your skills while creating something that will be unique and special! It is recommended that you only use genuine turquoise glass beads for these purposes so that you don’t get confused as well as end up making an item out of inferior materials.

Turquoise bead identification is a great skill to learn if you love working with jewelry making. When you know how to identify turquoise beads, you will be able to recognize more of these stones in the future. It is a great skill for beginners as they can practice their craft and learn what they need to work with the bead.

Turquoise Beads For Jewelry Making – A Summary

Turquoise beads are usually used in jewelry making due to their uniqueness and beauty. They have always been popular and have been used in jewelry designs over the years. They are usually found in jewelry and cabochons and are also used for other things. You can learn how to identify turquoise beads through the techniques that you employ when working with them. Turquoise Beads For Jewelry Making can be done by anyone who has a passion for this art. It is a great hobby to practice as well as it is fun seeing the different pieces that are made. 

Turquoise Bead Identification Rules – A Quick Summary

  • Turquoise Bead Identification Rules – Knowing these rules will help you know when to purchase your next piece of jewelry. Although there are several types of stones sold at the market, there are only a few which will suffice for your desired piece of jewelry.
  • Purity – When you want to learn how to identify turquoise beads, you need to know whether it is genuine or not. There are many stones made today which are an imitation of the original turquoise beads. Real turquoise is usually pure and bright in color while the imitations tend to be darker and tainted with other pigmentation.
  • Origin – In addition to this, you should also know where any piece of turquoise originates from. This way, you will easily be able to recognize pieces that have been looted. For example, if there is a piece with a “Chiapas” stamp, then it means that it was obtained illegally from Mexico. The same goes for pieces from Tibet and other parts of the world.
  • Price – Asking yourself whether you are getting a good deal is another way to tell whether you are buying genuine turquoise beads or not. To help you with this, the average price of genuine turquoise beads tends to be around $15 per carat which is not an exorbitant price at all.

Turquoise Beads For Jewelry Making – What can you make your bead out of?

There are many materials that you will need when making jewelry with turquoise glass beads. These include:

  • A design for the jewelry – This is the most important thing that you will need. You have to know which kind of jewelry you want to make and how it will look when it is done.
  • A pattern – This is important if you want to follow a specific design or pattern. Or if you want to wing it and create your own!
  • Beading board/table – A flat surface that has holes in it on which you can put all of your beads onto for easy access. This will help prevent mistakes from occurring when selecting your beads.
  • Purchasing a stand – Another important piece of equipment that you will need is the stand, which will help keep your beads from rolling away.

When you are making jewelry with turquoise beads, it is best to have all of these items ready for you. This way, all of your steps will be faster and easier for you in the long run.

Thus, these are the things that you should keep in mind while looking for turquoise beads for jewelry making. Though if you are certain about getting the beads and are looking for the best authentic beads, then you can consider getting the beads from Dream Of Stones and get the best for yourself. 


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