Do you know the rosemary spiritual meaning? Rosemary is to represent courage, love and wisdom. It is also known to have strong antiseptic properties which can be used in cooking, beauty treatments and traditional medicine. You’re probably familiar with the rosemary essential oil which is uses in aromatherapy and aromatically-based health products. The term rosemary also means ‘king of the mountains’ or ‘chief of the forest’.”

“Rosemary is an evergreen shrub that can reach a height of 2 meters. It belongs to the genus Rosmarinus and the family Lamiaceae. For such a common plant, its flowers are extraordinarily fragrant and this also find in throughout spring and summer. The word “rosemary” comes from the Latin “rosa marina,” which means “sea rose,” which refers to the fact that this herb grew near the sea and drank in its moisture. Do you want to know the rosemary spiritual meaning? Follow this blog post to learn more about the fragrant herb, and how it has been used in religious ceremonies and cooking.

Did you know that there are seven mind-numbing facts about rosemary? Let us enlighten you with these mysterious tidbits of information.

Fact – 1

The name “rosemary” derives from the Latin words ros marines, which literally translate as “dew of the sea”. Rosemary is also related to the Latin words ros, which means “dew”, and marines, which means “of the sea” or “marine”. The herb is also associate with the element of water since ancient times.

Fact – 2

Rosemary is ancient Greece as an aphrodisiac, and remains a commonly uses ingredient in perfumes today, along with smelling fresh and revitalizing.

Fact – 3

The earliest known reference to rosemary as a medicinal herb came in the sixth century BC, when it was mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates and other ancient Greek physicians. From this time to the present, rosemary is also have a variety of masks and medicines to treat a variety of conditions such as anorexia, coughs, infections and skin irritations.

Fact – 4

Rosemary is popularly uses in cooking to add flavor to foods. However, several scientific studies have revealed that rosemary contains constituents that are beneficial for health and act as anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and alter blood pressure.

Fact – 5

In religion, rosemary has a special significance as it is considers as an herb of the sun. In ancient times, it is also utilize during weddings in Rome and Greece to crown the bride as a symbol of victory over death.

rosemary spiritual meaning1

Fact – 6

Rosemary symbolizes freedom, strength and honor and is therefore uses in various rituals, including military honors. It has also have uses to symbolize victory over death in Scandinavia, where it was often worn on a black ribbon by warriors.

Fact – 7

The Arab-Muslim tradition of using rosemary as prayer beads has been passed down from generation to generation since the seventh century AD. In ancient Greece, rosemary is uses as a soprano voice, which was considers highly musical and powerful.

Fact – 8

In certain parts of Europe, rosemary is utilize in Christmas celebrations as a symbol of everlasting life. It utilize in Christmas cards, especially by the English. Furthermore, it is one of the main ingredients in holiday potpourri and Christmas decorations such as wreaths, garlands and bouquets.

Fact – 9

Rosemary has been used since ancient times as a symbol to represent love and purity. This is linked to the fact that rosemary was used in religious ceremonies and weddings, and also to strew on bridal beds in ancient Greece.

Fact – 10

In the United States, rosemary is considers the official herb of the state of New Jersey. It is also the official herb of the Dominican Republic since 1884.

Fact – 11

In ancient Greece, the symbol of the rosemary was worn on the shield of warriors and was also a symbol of victory over death. This is because it grew in the wildest, most untamed places and therefore symbolized resilience.

Fact – 12

Rosemary utilize in perfumes since ancient times by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians to enhance women’s beauty and attract love from their suitors. The Egyptians used it to make a heady fragrance which was burned in temples and used as incense.

Fact – 13

Rosemary spiritual meaning is uses as a symbol of remembrance. Since the 1300s, people placed sprigs of rosemary on the graves of their beloved relatives and friends to preserve their memory for future generations. People often gave each other sprigs of rosemary during funerals as a sign that they would remember their loved one forever.

Fact – 14

Rosemary’s connection to remembrance and strength is also reflected in its Latin name, Rosmarinus, which is derived from the two words ros (dew) and marinus (of the sea). The herb was originally named by the ancient Greeks as ‘sea dew’ because it would often grow near the sea and drink in its nourishing moisture.

rosemary spiritual meaning2

Fact – 15

In classical Greece, rosemary was considers as a symbol of love and devotion. It is also associates with the goddess Aphrodite and lover Adonis. Ancient Romans used this herb to make crowns and wreaths as offerings to their beloved ones.

Fact – 16

Rosemary is also utilize in religious ceremonies and is found in churches, monasteries, monasteries and temples throughout Europe because it is believed that rosemary can cast out evil spirits.

Fact – 17

Rosemary spiritual as a symbol of remembrance and purity. It is highly recommends for people who have lost their loved ones, to help them cope with the loss. The herb placed in your home to remove negative energy. And bring peace and tranquility into your life.

Fact – 18

Rosemary is often uses as a symbol of love and purity in weddings. In ancient Greek, rosemary was strewn on the bed sheets at weddings, creating an atmosphere of love and purity in the newly married couple’s bedroom. It is present in the wedding ceremony in many countries such as Turkey, Italy, France and Greece. Its sprigs are usually places in each place setting at the wedding breakfast.

Fact – 19

It is a symbol of friendship and love between family members, which also extends to the dead. In ancient Greece, it was customary for people to throw rosemary around graves as a sign that they would mourn their family member forever.

Fact – 20

In Egypt, rosemary was uses to represent the triumph of death over life. Because it grow in places where people lay dead and on the graves of martyrs.


Rosemary is considers to be sacred in many forms of Christianity. Some believe that this herb grows from the tears shed at Jesus Christ’s Tomb by his sorrowful mother, Mary. It symbolizes purity and friendship as it is still uses in wedding wreaths and bouquets during the Middle Ages. This plant is uses as a symbol of friendship between two people and is also considers to be a symbol of remembrance and friendship in Judaism. In ancient Greece, it was also uses to crown married women as a symbol of their victory over death.


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