The last thing you want in your kitchen are smell ants. The first thing you want if you’re dealing with ants is an ant killer with no poison and no mess, which these days seems to be a rarity. However, we’ve put together some of the best ant killers out there that will get rid of your smelly little intruders without killing other animals or bringing about any mess for you to clean up afterwards.

Ant Traps

The most common, and one of the most effective, ways of getting rid of smell ants is with ant traps. They usually contain some kind of bait which the ants are attracted to, then they will take it back to their colony and feed it to the rest of their family. That’s a big no-no for anyone who has ants in their house. Because there is not just one ant but an entire colony that will be eradicated by eating the poison contained in these traps. Most ant traps are designed with a little hole or tab on them that allows the ants to reach inside. This is an effective method because you can kill a whole lot of ants at once. These traps are usually pretty easy to find and purchase.

Electronic Traps

One of the more high-tech methods of getting rid of smell ants is with electronic traps. They are set off in the woods and once enough ants are running into them. They emit a high-pitched noise that attracts even more ants to the trap. The best thing about electronic traps is that you can use them indoors too. So you don’t have to keep on leaving the house every time you want to get rid of your ant problem.

Plastic Pheromone Bait Station

This is probably one of the most effective ways of getting rid of your stink ants. It converts the smell of honeydew (which all stink ants love) into electronic signals that are picked up by the ants. The idea is that when the ants come along and pick up these signals. They follow them to their nest and feed them to the rest of their family. As soon as that happens, you can get rid of your ant problem for good.

Ultra-Smell Ant Baits

This type of smell ant killer is designed to put out a strong pheromone that is irresistible to stink ants. They are usually coated with honey and will attract stray ants into the trap, where they will then be drawn into the bait station. There are a lot of different types of ultra-smell ant baits available on the market, but the best one is probably Ultra-Smell Ant Bait. They come in different scents. But this particular brand has a very strong smell that will draw out even the toughest stink ants. This is one of the most effective methods to get rid of smell ants. They have even been known to attract woodworm into traps where they can be safely destroyed.

Baited Ant Traps

These non-electronic traps bait ants with sweet and pungent food attractants, which the ants will then carry back to their nests. They usually contain a mix of corn syrup, sugar, peanut butter and honey and are very effective at drawing out large amounts of ants in one go. There are some good baited ant traps available for purchase that will get rid of your ant problem for you.

Bon Ami Powder Ant Traps

This is probably one of the cheapest smell ant killers available, and while they aren’t as effective as some of the other methods. They are still a good alternative to having to use harmful poisons. These traps are designed to absorb oils from the ants and then set themselves off in your kitchen. All you need to do is sprinkle a little of it on the floor where you think your ants will be coming in from and wait for them to take it over. Once they do, the bon ami traps will release their oil into the air in a cloud of smoke which will attract them. They can be a bit tricky to use and you have to be very careful with them. Because they contain a lot of oil.

So whether you pour it out onto the floor or place it in an area that is easy to clean. You must make sure you’ve cleaned it up before ants start coming in.

Just one last thing: Remember to always do an electrical check in your home every time you do an ant extermination. Just to make sure there are no other connections that could be drawing ants into your home.

Get rid of smell ants

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can ants smell humans?

Ants have been known to smell human, but it’s a very faint smell. In fact, if you ever really think about it, ants usually don’t really notice humans at all and most of the time they are too focused on their business to even realize that there is a human around.

Do ants give off a smell when killed?

Yes. Ants are usually quite pungent when they are killed. This smell can also depend on what they have been eating however. And while they do smell when you kill them, it doesn’t last very long.

Can I kill a whole colony of ants in one go?

Yes. If you can get a trap or pressure sprayer set up containing the right kind of chemicals or other attractants to draw the entire colony out. You should be able to kill them at once.

How can I remove ants from a wood floor?

You can use boric acid with sugar and water to attract the ants. This will bring them out and allow you to get rid of them with a clean swipe of the broom. Be sure not to pour the boric acid straight down onto the wood, though, as this can be very dangerous. Pour it out onto an old cloth and then rub it onto the floor where the ants are coming in.

What about finding a professional company to remove them for me?

If there are too many ants for you to handle and you have no idea how to get rid of them, then give us a call. We will arrange for someone to look at your house and deal with the problem for you.

To Conclude:

Getting rid of the smell ants in your house is not as difficult as people might think. Just be sure that you are choosing the right products and methods to use. Otherwise you will end up with even worse problems than before.

As long as you stick to products that are safe and won’t hurt anything. You should be able to get rid of them in your home without too much effort. The smell can also often be masked with a little extra ventilation or some good air freshener so don’t forget abo


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