Are you looking for the best sales quote software that can fulfill all your needs? You can search for the best quotation software, CPQ software, or proposal software on any search engine. These terms are used interchangeably, although they are a little different.

Many companies advertise their products using these terminologies and this is why the process of selecting the right software is difficult. 

It may seem that all these solutions are the same but there are some things that make important differences. We have listed some points that differentiate the solutions. This can guide you in choosing the right software for your company.

Quotations and proposals sending is the last stage of CPQ. Therefore, you must be thinking, What is the actual difference between a quote and a proposal?.

A quote is a short, one-page document, and more to the point. It lists the seller, buyer, and the products/services they are buying from you. 

In comparison to this, proposals are longer and contain information in detail. This includes vendor introduction information, competitor analysis, detailed benefits of the proposed solution, work scope, and service agreement. 

Useful Tips To Choose The Right Sales Quote Software

Does The Software You Chose Is Actually A Quoting/CPQ/ Proposal Software?

Many results that appear when you search for any of these terms are not true quote creating softwares. They are more of a document generation or signing applications. Do you want real software having built-in templates, maintaining & managing quotes at a single platform, configuring comprehensive prices, and end-to-end sales? Osmos Cloud quotation software offers all these features. 

Will It Customize The Format Of Quotes And Proposals?

Well, many applications display a professional & good-looking quote/proposal but on buying you’ll get to know you can’t customize them. This is the key element that you should check before buying any software. Some softwares have built-in templates but again you can’t make changes to them. Some allow you to make changes but to a certain limit only. 

Quoting software such as the one provided by Osmos Cloud allows comprehensive control over customization and you can also create formulas to calculate necessary things. 

Can You Integrate Content Management System With The Sales Quote Software?

Check if the software allows you to integrate external applications with it. It must have the feature of integration and should integrate at least a content management system. This is important as you no longer have to type customer information in each quote you create. Also, integration can update your CRM with coming opportunities and any follow-up calls.

You should closely examine the contact management integration feature in the software you’re selecting so that they satisfy your requirements. In some quoting software packages, they will allow you for integration but will only retrieve the contact name and address information from the database present in your CRM. While other quoting software will offer more, such as writing back-forecasted sales, opportunities in sales, and scheduling follow-up calls.

Thus, carefully check the quoting software before buying any quoting software. Visit our website online and take a free trial to know whether it meets all your needs or not. This way you’ll get help to decide and buy the sales quote software that you need and can help you boost your sales


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