Every 3D printing unit wants to work in a concise and precise manner, to prevent wastages of resources, time and effort. When a new operation is born, it is generally solely dependent upon human elements. But as time advances and new developments take place, human involvement reduces and the work is mostly done by machines & softwares. One such example is Cloud Slicers, which is known to perform the very crucial aspect of 3D printing, slicing. It enables dividing the project into various layers or slices and converts it into commands that the 3D printer can easily interpret and execute. These slicers are not only limited to slicing functions, let’s find out how.

About Cloud Slicer

Cloud slicer or online slicer for 3D printing is a multi-purpose cloud platform that can be connected to the 3D printer to give instructions. Slicing is effectively performed through this platform, or software. The layering or slicing is meticulously taken out, along with other functions. These include converting inputs into instructions that the 3D printers can understand & follow to complete projects, tracking the materials usage and monitoring machine status, etc. It is indeed time and cost saving. Time-saving as it reduces human involvement to record the specifications, convert them into command, give manual instructions and perform other imperative processes. Cost-saving because the work of a number of employees can be done by one cloud software and various activities are taken out simultaneously & accurately.

Best 3D Printing Cloud Slicers

The main consideration while selecting an online slicer for 3D printing is the online slicing tools that it includes. Not only this, the related tools like progress recording, report making, storage facility, invoice generation, client record maintenance, etc. also.

Tinkerine Suite

Tinkering Suite, developed by Canadian 3D printer manufacturer Tinkerine, is one of the free online slicers for 3D printing which is best suited for educational and scholastic use. It goes with both windows and mac devices. Although it produces the best results with Tinkerine printers. It guarantees a good user experience and is very easy to use for the beginners and amateurs.  In addition to the slicing operations, it estimates the time that a project will take, creating support structures & editing, and functions in a time efficient manner.


Repetier is the best option when it comes to pre-printing settings and editing features. This free cloud slicer helps in remote printing and comes with a variety of other tools, apart from online slicing tools. It is appropriate for intermediate to advanced users and supports multi-slicers through plug-ins. It makes slicing and printing easy with its user-friendly interface and all-in-one solutions.


Another free 3D slicer software is Slic3r, which was initially launched as a not-for-profit project. This online slicer for 3D printing not only has advanced slicing features but real-time specialised previews, import & export of required files, honeycomb infill feature, sequential printing, etc. also. It can work on multiple devices at once, handles any & every work related to printing and works very fast. It is clearly one of the best choices you’d make.

Cloud 3D Print

Cloud 3D print is one of the most convenient and easy to use software. With special online slicing tools and input converter, it also comes with a variety of other features. It facilitates storage of clients and sales data while keeping an eye on the status of material and printers at work. It intimates about material requirements and helps prepare job reports, revenue reports and many more. Its specialised project management feature enables smooth running of the project while integrating related processes for faster work. Smooth finishing of the final product along with quality customisable features to heed specific needs are its key takeaways.


Cura is also considered as one of the best cloud slicer softwares. It has been developed by Ultimaker, a Dutch 3D printer manufacturer and this software works best with generic Ultimaker printers. Although it is fairly compatible with other printers as well. It can be installed for free and is one of the most popular softwares with easy inter-platform integration. It has a storage facility to store and pass instructions on to the printers without hassles. Cura connects to various printers at the same time and manages diverse printing jobs. It supports CAD data pushing and comes with various plug-ins to make printing smooth. It is a tested and renowned software designed with special consideration to beginners, while also effectively managing the material specs.

Whenever it comes to online slicing tools, you want the software to do a lot more than just slicing. It is quite convenient so you don’t have to go to different places to get the different printing processes done. These slicing software can be of great help to deliver fine 3D printing services as well as meet project deadlines efficiently.


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