Tracking cellphone devices these days  is not a big deal, but you have to have the best tool in your hands to track your kid’s android mobile. Parents are reluctant to monitor the cellphone device of the children because they are using the phones all day long connected to the internet. The online activity of kids and their excessive screen-time have become a headache for parents.

More than 86% of the phones are running with Android OS. Nowadays, from grandparents to parents, and even young 10-year-old kids love to have mobile devices connected to the internet. Adults are well aware of the dos and don’ts of the cellphone devices, but when it comes to kids, they are unaware of the online dangers. Therefore, parents are looking forward to the easiest way to monitor and track the cellphone device of the children.

Why Do Parents Want To Track The Kid’s Mobile?

The stranger’s dangers, online predators, and inappropriate activities of the children are creating issues for them. The direct and indirect interaction with strangers, stalkers, online bullies, and the sex –offenders of teens is very dangerous. The use of social messaging apps and other online platforms needs to supervise to the fullest. The online hookups, dating apps, and sharing of sexual suggestive possess are common in teens, and online predators are always in the hunt of kids online. Parents have no other option to make sure kids online safety, but they can do it with the android monitoring software.

What Is The Android Monitoring App?

It is an application that is best for cellphone tracking. You can install it on the target device and get access to the online dashboard and activate its features and upload the information. You can use plenty of its features to track kid’s mobile devices to the fullest. The application is easy to use and install on non-rooted phones. You can navigate every feature of the cell phone tracking app on the target device and get to know what is happening on the mobile.

Users can use features, screen recording, internet history, social media messenger tracking, GPS location, live camera streaming, live surround listening, and read messages. Moreover, use call recording, email tracking, IM’s call recording, view installed applications, and you can use remote surveillance to block the internet, messages, and incoming calls. The application is user–friendly and one of the best parental monitoring software in the business these days.


It supports all the phones and tablet devices running with Android OS up to version 10 and above. It works secretly on the kid’s phone, and you can track them without them knowing.

How To Install Android Monitoring Software?

Tracking the android phone is not an easy job to do. Now you can do that job, but you have to subscribe to a cellphone tracking app for android. You will get the credentials via an email in terms of password and ID. Now you can get physical access on the target device and start the process of installation. You can complete the installation process and activate the application on the target device. Now you can use the credentials and get access to the online dashboard and get your hands on the tools that enable you to track kids mobile.

Use Android Surveillance App Features To Track Kid’s Mobile

Live Screen Recorder

Users can watch live activities of the kids and track what they are doing on the mobile screen by activating a screen recording app. It empowers you to record back to back short videos of the screen and send the recorded videos on the dashboard. You can get access to the online web portal and watch all the live activities happening on the screen.

Call Recorder 

Users can record live cellphone calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recorder software and save the recorded calls on the dashboard.

Social Media Messenger Tracking

You can get access to the phone installed social networking apps and get the logs of messages, chat conversations, voice and video calls, media sharing, and voice messages.


Parents can track kid’s mobile devices to make sure safety to the fullest by using android monitoring software.



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