3D printers in Canada are appearing in more and more homes. It is not surprising that they are popular since they can make all sorts of things you can’t buy, or things nobody makes anymore. If you want to print something out of your imagination, you also may want to have a 3D printer at your home. Some printers are easy to assemble & operate at home also and can be of great use.

Why do you want a 3D printer?

1. Usage 

Do you plan to use your printer every week? Every month? Every year? What about if something breaks and you have to wait for parts to arrive from the other side of the world? If you don’t use it much, it’s not worth investing in a professional system that can cost tons of  dollars. In that case, you’d want an affordable printer which can be operated with ease at home.

2. The Precision

How important is precision to you? Some people don’t care about it at all. Others want every part to fit without any gaps or other imperfections even if it is for homely work. The best 3D printers in Canada for home use are those that have a very good build quality, have highly calibrated parts and can produce accurate prints.

3. Finishing Of The Model

You might fancy a super-professional model finishing or you may cover the imperfections with paint spray. When you’re not satisfied with the printing from outside, the last resort is to print the desired models at home itself.

4. Budget

Better components and better build quality translate into better prints. And professional solutions are often several times more expensive than entry-level 3D printers in Canada. However, you could get very nice results with machines designed for use at home as well.

5. Build volume

What’s the largest thing you’re going to print? Not all 3D printers in Canada can print big parts. You may have a cheap printer, but if it has a large enough build area, then you can make something that’s as big as you need. Some builders believe that this is one of the most important things in choosing a 3D printer for home use.

Best 3D Printers For Home Use

Creality Ender 3

One of the best 3D printers in Canada is Creality Ender 3 which is also very appropriate for home use. This 3D printer is fairly affordable and has plenty of attractive features. It is very easy to use and has a sufficient build size and has a resume printing feature that enables the resumption of work from where you last left it. Creality Ender 3 offers smooth connectivity with cloud slicer or other software as well. It is easily available on the Mech E-Store. Mech E-store has a wide variety of 3D printers, their accessories and several other lifestyle products. 


ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE 3D printer is another suitable printer for home use. It offers great speed & precision and has an inbuilt monochrome LCD light source. The printer has a metal build design with aluminum parts. It offers smooth connectivity with slicer software and has a special UV cooling system which enables longer life and better performance of the printer. All-in-all, ANYCUBIC Photo Mono SE 3D printer is the one to take home.

ANYCUBIC Mega Zero 2.0

ANYCUBIC Mega Zero 2.0 comes with a detachable magnetic printing bed which enables removal of the model with ease and without damage. Among the best 3D printers in Canada, this printer has sizable build volume and is known for its accurate printing. The print bed also comes with auto-heating features and almost all filaments can be used on it. ANYCUBIC Mega Zero 2.0 has a dual-gear extruder and is most appropriate for use at home.


3Doodler is none other than a 3D printing pen, which enables building 3D models. Now, this can be used by children and adults alike to satisfy their minor model building needs. It is very affordable and is not restricted to build areas like other framed 3D printers. It helps instill creativity and give life to ideas. It is not hoardy and can be taken anywhere. Although, the preciseness can suffer because of this portability but it is still one of the best options one can imagine.


While choosing a 3D printer in Canada for home use, you have to pay as much attention on the quality of it as much on its price. Creality Ender 3, ANYCUBIC Mega Zero 2.0, 3Doodler and ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE 3D printers are only a few named, but there are a number of others as well. And most importantly, your choice should satisfy the need you’re getting it for. Whatever your needs may be, Mech E-store can prove to be of great help.


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