While there are many different types of flowers, white lilies are a favorite for many occasions. This article will go through how to care for fresh cut white lilies when you bring them home and explains how florists choose which ones to use, as well as which flowers complement them best.

People often wonder how the florist chooses the stem length and variety of flowers in their bouquet. Here are a few tips on choosing the proper flowers to complement the beauty of white lilies.

1. Stem Length:

The florist will decide the length of stems based on the size and number of flowers in your bouquet. Generally, medium sized stems work best for single-stem designs. If you want cascading flowers or a spray arrangement, you would use long stems with larger numbers of flowers.

2. Stem Variety:

The florist will make sure to include stem variety because it is such an important part of the overall color, texture and feel of the bouquet. Include long stemmed varieties in your arrangements to bring a glow to white lilies more.

3. Consider the Season:

Seasonal flowers will help make your arrangement feel fresh and beautiful, while lilies are especially charming in spring, summer and early fall.

4. Use it for Multi-Purposes:

Although white lily is a great choice for many occasions, don’t be afraid to stray from the norm. Look for flowers that complement your bouquet, such as Peonies, roses or sweet peas.

White lily make an excellent wedding flower and can show off their elegance in any interiors or gardens. They will brighten up any room with their difference of color and will certainly bring with themselves a sense of beauty and elegance. No matter if you are having a special event, hosting a dinner party or just bringing home some flowers for your loved one, white lilies will always be the right choice.

White lilies are not only perfect for weddings, they fit perfectly into any style homes and gardens. They are so versatile that they can brighten up a room whether you want to create a formal or informal atmosphere. They will also complement many different styles of furniture and home décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What white lilies symbolize?

A meaning of white lilies is “sincerity and purity”. White lilies, also called Lily of the Valley, symbolize innocence and humility. The white lily flower is one of the meanings in the language of flowers and signifies beauty which makes it a perfect choice for flower arrangements at weddings.

How do I take care of a white lily?

You need to make sure that the bulb is in a well-drained soil and you should plant it about 6 inches under the surface. Make sure that you keep the soil evenly moist and do not let it dry out for a long time. If you don’t want your lily to become root-bound, loosen the soil around it every year.

Are white lilies toxic?

Yes. Lily can cause mild to severe health problems depending on species and individual sensitivity.

To Sum Up

White lilies are also a popular choice of many florists, who like to use them both in indoor and outdoor arrangements. Not only are white lilies beautiful, they come in different sizes and numbers of flowers, as well as different types to create the perfect arrangement. There are many different varieties of lilies that the florist can choose from including one stem white lilies, Neil Ascher lilies or the more expensive Calla lilies. The florist will choose the lilies based on what is appropriate for the occasion and who is receiving the flowers.


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