Leaf blowers, or leaf vacuum cleaners as they are sometimes called, are a must-have for every homeowner. A leaf blower will not only help keep your yard green through the summer. But worx leaf blower also can make cleaning up after seasonal events much easier for you.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t take advantage of these amazing devices. They rely on their leaf blowers to do more than it was built for. But using a leaf blower improperly can lead to a blown motor, clogged hoses and handles, and worse yet-an injury. To learn why you need one of these handy tools for your home, keep reading:

1. You can clean up leaves and twigs clogging your gutters in one fell swoop!

Leaf blowers are a must-have for every home, but many homeowners don’t use them. Because they think it’s easier to use a yard rake or long handled brush. While both of these tools are great for raking up sticks and branches, they aren’t very effective for clearing the gutter. The reason is that leaves and twigs only clog the gutter when you can’t easily reach them with a rake or brush. A leaf blower is much more effective for clearing leaves and twigs from your gutters. It gives you more leverage and you can easily reach the leaf clogging your gutter. As a result, a leaf blower is the best way to use to keep your gutters clean, whether it’s in the fall or winter.

2. You can clean leaves and twigs from the roof of your shed or garage!

Every time you mow or cut back the grass, you are likely leaving behind a beautiful pile of leaves scattered across your yard. These leaves are best avoided. As they can lead to serious problems: they cover up your yard and other landscaping, they aren’t easily spotted by passerby’s, and they collect in the rain gutters and on the roof of your shed, garage or carport.

Unfortunately, a rake won’t work well on the roof of your shed or garage because the roof will be too high. A worx leaf blower is much more effective, however. Not only can you easily use a leaf blower to clean up leaves from the roof of your garage or shed. But you can also use it to clean up leaves from under trees, branches and shrubs. It’s also helpful for cleaning up leaves around your windows and doors that are too tough for a rake to handle.

3. It’s a great way to clear leaves and twigs from your house!

Leaves and twigs can cover up your entire yard in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to rake them up or mow through them with a lawnmower, because these tools are far better for this task. You will be able to see the results much more quickly if you use a leaf blower rather than a rake or brush, and you’ll be able to finish cleaning up as quickly as possible.

You can use your leaf blower to clean up leaves from your house, as well. Given that most homes have wide open areas and a lot of windows and doors. It’s easy to drop a bunch of leaves here and there. Additionally, some homeowners also like to rake their lawns often in order to keep the grass short. A worx leaf blower is much more effective than a rake or long handled brush for raking up a bunch of leaves at once. You can simply pick up all the leaves and twigs that you dropped around your house. Clean up any lawn clippings that may have been dropped on the ground. And then move on to the next yard chore.


As you can see, there are many great reasons why every homeowner should own a leaf blower. Not only can they keep your home looking beautiful through the summer and fall months. But they can also help you stay organized all year round. It’s easy to clean up leaves from a bunch of places around your home. But you get better results with a leaf blower. These tools are important for keeping your yard beautiful. But they’re also great for keeping your house tidy.

Knowing what to do with leaves and twigs is one of the most important tasks you can take on as a homeowner. And using the right tool makes this task much easier than using a rake or brush.


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